3 of our Komplitt committee members Annika Mörte Alling, Christian Claesson, and Paul Tenngart have contributed to this new book volume on World Literature, which is available as a free Open Access Book from Stockholm University Press, https://doi.org/10.16993/bat The following is the blurb:

Placing itself within the burgeoning field of world literary studies, the organising principle of this book is that of an open-ended dynamic, namely the cosmopolitan-vernacular exchange.

As an adaptable comparative fulcrum for literary studies, the notion of the cosmopolian-vernacular exchange accommodates also highly localised literatures. In this way, it redresses what has repeatedly been identi- ed as a weakness of the world literature paradigm, namely the one-sided focus on literature that accumulates global prestige or makes it on the Euro-American book market.

How has the vernacular been de ned historically? How is it in ected by gender? How are the poles of the vernacular and the cosmopolitan dis- tributed spatially or stylistically in literary narratives? How are cosmo- politan domains of literature incorporated in local literary communities? What are the e ects of translation on the encoding of vernacular and cosmopolitan values?

Ranging across a dozen languages and literature from five continents, these are some of the questions that the contributions attempt to address.