Komplitt is kicking off this new semester with some terrific news! - Our committee member Shuangyi Li has been awarded a 3-year research grant by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) for his research project, entitled "Translation, Translingualism, and Transmedia Aesthetics: Franco-Chinese Literature and Visual Arts in a Global Age". The following is a short abstract:

The proposed 3-year book-length study examines the works of four contemporary Frano-Chinese writers and artists: François CHENG, GAO Xingjian, DAI Sijie, and SHAN Sa. They were all born in China, immigrated to France in their adulthood in pursuit of their literary and artistic ambitions, have obtained various prestigious institutional recognitions (Nobel Prize in Literature, Grand Prix de la Francophonie, Prix Femina, Festival de Cannes, etc.), and have established themselves as writers and artists (translators, calligraphers, painters, dramaturges, and filmmakers) in their host country. French has become these writers' primary language of literary creation (except for Gao); yet, linguistic idioms, poetic imagery, and classical thought from Chinese cultural heritage permeate their French texts by means of travel narrative, translation, and visual aesthetic. It is in the translingual and interstitial space between French and Chinese cultures that they find their new life and identity, freedom, and desire. The particularity of Franco-Chinese literature and art is sited beyond existing models of intercultural encounter and French postcolonial enquiry. Drawing on the most recent development in both Francophone and Sinophone Studies, this project aims to identify the conceptual and aesthetic particularities Franco-Chinese literature and visual artworks in a global context, thereby opening up a new, dynamic space for intercultural engagement and transcultural innovation.