Our committee member Shuangyi Li's article on the Franco-Chinese woman writer Shan Sa has just been published in the journal Essays in French Literature and Culture 55 (2018). The essay is entitled "Translingualism and Autoexotic Translation in Shan Sa's Franco-Chinese Historical Novels". This article has come out of his current postdoctoral research project on Francophone Chinese literature and visual arts at Lund. You could see an abstract and the table of content at the end of this post.

Unfortunately, this current issue is only available in print, its electronic version won't be released until January 2019. But you could recommend your library to purchase a physical copy of the issue (or buy a personal copy at the price of around 12-13 euros) here. Alternatively, you could get in touch with Shuangyi at shuangyi.li@rom.lu.se directly.


The Franco-Chinese migrant woman writer Shan Sa left Beijing for Paris in 1990 at the age of seventeen. After her settlement in France, French soon became her additional, increasingly dominant language of literary creation. This article examines Shan’s three French- language novels that explicitly engage with Chinese historical and transhistorical narratives: Les Quatre Vies du saule (1999), La Cithare nue (2010), and Impératrice (2003). The former two were adaptively (self-)translated into Chinese and diegetically re-organized, truncated, and expanded in their Chinese versions. The latter rewriting of the intriguing legend of Empress Wu during the Tang dynasty showcases the incorporation of Chinese calligraphic aesthetic into the French novelistic fabric in Shan’s transcultural writing. Drawing on Steven Kellman’s “translingual imagination”, this article argues that the translingualism inherent in Shan’s (re-)creative process manifests itself as an autoexotic literary aesthetic and a continuous source of fabulation, opening up possibilities of narrative alterity.

Here is Issue 55’s table of content:

Hélène Jaccomard, Introduction
Bertrand Bourgeois and Jade Patterson, From Emma to Gemma, or how to play with Madame Bovary
Andrea Jonsson, Acousmatic, Atmospheric, in Transit: The Authority of Anonymous Women’s Voices in Contemporary French Literature and Culture
Christie Margrave, Early Developments of Ecofeminist Thought in French Women’s Early Romantic Fiction
Elizabeth H. Jones, Contesting Gender Roles and Resisting the Hierarchy: Writing the Father in Malika Mokeddem’s Mes Hommes
Sura Qadiri, Policing Postsecular Paris: Karim Miské’s Arab Jazz and Sabri Louatah’s Les Sauvages I-IV
Audrey Small, Immigrants and Expatriates: Status, Agency and Home in the early work of Fatou Diome
Shuangyi Li, Translingualism and Autoexotic Translation in Shan Sa’s Franco-Chinese Historical Novels
Jean-Michel Gouvard, Watt de Samuel Beckett et la France des années 1940
Gary D. Mole, La Seconde Guerre mondiale et le roman français contemporain
David Spieser-Landes, Repoliticizing May 68: Postnationality and Postcoloniality in French (Alsatian) Regional Minority Literature
Sophie Patrick, Michel Houellebecq’s pre-1968 nostalgia and imagined futures